Protecting our hens, our people, our land, our planet


We humanely and sustainably raise healthy and happy hens while caring for our families, our land, and our plant.

California with star and a radius showing the delivery range.

Distribution area

We intentionally limit our fleet’s delivery area to Northern California. Why? We are mindful of the environmental footprint trucks have. Our fleet stays within a 2.5-hour drive one way. Our philosophy dramatically reduces diesel emissions and energy use.

Recycled Materials

Our focus on sustainability is also reflected in the plastic cartons we use for our Nature’s Gift eggs. The cartons are made from recycled material that can be recycled again. That’s unique in our industry, where a typical pulp egg carton is made from recycled materials but cannot be recycled further due to the glue used in manufacturing.

Did you know?

Nature’s Gift packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and uses 26% less energy and 84% less water than paper packs.

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Pleasant Valley Farms is committed to providing fresh local eggs in a sustainable and responsible way.