Pleasant Valley Farms offers the freshest cage-free and organic eggs in Northern California.

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We humanely and sustainably raise healthy and happy hens while caring for our families, our land, and our plant.

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Nature's Gift

Our customers can be confident that they are buying naturally superior eggs that are simply local, simply good.

Nature's Gift egg carton
Nature's Gift egg cartons
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We take pride in caring for our hens, our families, our land, and our planet. Our investments mean we use less water, create less dust, and allow our egg cartons to be recycled.

Always fresh

Our fleet’s service area to Northern California ensures our eggs are the freshest on the local market.

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Family Farm from above

Family farm

We are a family run company committed to meeting the highest standards in the egg industry for more than 60 years.

We ♥ Local chicks™

The Coop

We love our local chicks! We do all we can to humanely raise healthy and happy hens in cage-free and organic environments. Our hens enjoy a natural diet that we deliver ourselves.

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