Fresh to Stores

Buying local is a top priority among 46% of American consumers.

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We are really from California, authentically local.

Pleasant Valley Farms has its own distribution fleet.

Six days a week, we deliver our farm fresh, cage-free eggs to stores from the Bay Area to the Sierra foothills and Sacramento to Turlock.


We pride ourselves on freshness. Eggs that are laid one day could be on store shelves the next day for our customers to purchase.

Pleasant Valley Farms truck fleet
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Nature's Gift

Consumers can find our Nature’s Gift eggs in many fine retail stores. Our eggs are also available under private label through direct store delivery (DSD), wholesale, cross dock, and warehouse deliveries. Please contact us to find out availability near you.

Do you know how to tell if the eggs came from California or another state?

CA Grown certification
There is an easy way for consumers to know where their eggs came from. Go to this USDA page and enter the plant code (located on the side of the egg carton with the sell by date). The plant code will start with a “P” followed by the numbers that identify the facility where the eggs were processed. For instance, Pleasant Valley Farms’ plant code is P1776.