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Pleasant Valley Farms

Our Farm

Fresh Eggs Come From Pleasant Chickens


Pleasant Valley is a fully integrated company. We receive the birds from a day old to have complete control over how that bird is raised for its entire life. We also have our own feed mill, so we ensure all our birds are fed the best quality diet which is free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and animal by-products. We understand that ensuring the highest quality feed, will make our girls lay the best natural quality egg for our customers.



Feed Mill 


Our Story

Raised with love so you can eat what you love 

Our company began supplying local farm fresh quality eggs to the surrounding communities of the Central Valley and retail stores in Northern California since 1962.


In 2005, the 2nd generation purchased the company and established a parent company name of Pleasant Valley Farms. Since then, Pleasant Valley Farms has created an honest, reliable company with the highest quality of eggs and standards.  


In 2009 the right decision was made to go completely 100% cage free & organic. We understood that the best and honest way to raise birds would be allowing them to freely roam around. 


The third generation who has begun to take over the daily operations is diligent to sustain Pleasant Valley’s quality and guaranteed freshness of our eggs. Just as the generation before them, they are committed to working hard and helping our community have superior quality eggs their families can enjoy eating.  


Our Future Generation

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